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The ‘Bot Folio is a Picture E-Book

(without the Small Basic Games or Code)

If all you are looking for is just George Beker’s classic robot illustrations and not our fully-Illustrated Small Basic Computer Games Programming book, George Beker as published THE ‘BOT FOLIO.  This e-book has all the original ‘BOTs from the 1970s book plus some new ‘BOTs (the first new ones in four decades).   It also includes Beker’s comments on the ‘BOTs and technology in general.  It’s clear evidence that Beker remains firmly stuck in a long-gone, alternate world with absolutely no connection to modern technology. Beker will donate his proceeds from this ebook to a national non-profit that focuses on children’s literacy.

The ‘BOT FOLIO is available in either MS Word 2007 or PDF format. To visit George Beker’s personal website, click here.


All of our tutorials are currently delivered in a Microsoft Word (v97+) E-Book format. The entire E-Book and/or selected chapters can be printed on your local printer and/or viewed on your computer screen. The E-Books can be downloaded from our website immediately after purchase. We compress the download files using a .zip format to help reduce the size of files for faster downloading.

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