Developer's Reference Guide to Microsoft Small Basic -[NEW] Paperback Textbook & E-Book Bundle - Single User License ISBN 9781937161248 By Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee


(New Paperback Textbook & E-Book Bundle) provides an extensive overview of the Small Basic programming environment. The guide consists of 25 chapters explaining (in simple, easy to follow terms) how to use Small Basic to build programs. A complete review of the Small Basic language is provided. You learn about each Small Basic object including button and text box controls, using the mouse, graphics, shapes, images, timers, sounds and sequential file access. Both text and graphics window applications are discussed. Over 100 programming examples are included. We discuss working with data files, input validation, date arithmetic, integer shuffling, simple animation, line, bar and pie charts, programming check box and radio button controls, turtle graphics, and ways to share your programs.

THE DEVELOPER'S REFERENCE GUIDE TO MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC is presented using over 500 pages of notes and includes the Small Basic source code for all examples.

THE DEVELOPER'S REFERENCE GUIDE TO MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC requires Microsoft Windows, ability to view and print documents saved in Microsoft Word format, and Microsoft Small Basic (Version 1.0 or higher).

The Small Basic source code and all needed multimedia files are included in this digital download. This textbook & e-Book bundle is not sold anywhere else on the internet.

Paperback Textbooks will be shipped via the non-trackable Economy United States Postal Service (USPS) media mail which can take up to 14-21 days to deliver within the United States of America. If you live outside of the USA, purchase the (non-paperback) Digital Download-Only Edition.

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