David Ahl's Small Basic Computer Adventures - [New] Paperback Textbook & Digital E-Book Download Bundle - Single User License ISBN 9781937161170 By David Ahl and Philip Conrod

David Ahl's Small Basic Computer Adventures (New Paperback Textbook & E-Book Bundle)

The computer adventure simulations you will develop in this tutorial are based on historical personalities  like Marco Polo, Amelia Earhart,  and on historical events like the Tour de France, The Longest Automobile Race 1908,  and the 1847 Oregon Trail.  We have also included some fiction adventure simulations like Voyage to Neptune and the Hong Kong Hustle.  All of these adventure simulations were originally written by David H. Ahl whose computer programming books helped start the personal computer programming revolution.

All the original classic adventure simulations are included:  Marco Polo, Westward Ho!, The Longest Automobile Race, The Orient Express, Amelia Earhart: Around the World Flight, Tour de France, Subway Scavenger, Hong Kong Hustle, and Voyage to Neptune.

The complete downloadable Microsoft Word based E-Book includes over 320+ pages of notes and all the completed .sb project source code files in a compressed .zip file so you don’t even have to re-type or cut and paste the Small Basic source code in yourself if you don’t want to. 

We also included all the original “GOTO” subroutines for your nostalgic programming enjoyment. To read an interesting debate on why GOTO is still used in Microsoft Small Basic click on this article written by the author of Microsoft Small Basic ​

Paperback Textbooks will be shipped via the non-trackable Economy United States Postal Service (USPS) media mail which can take up to 14-21 days to deliver within the United States of America. If you live outside of the USA, purchase the (non-paperback) Digital Download-Only Edition. This textbook & e-Book bundle is not sold anywhere else on the internet.


"Philip Conrod has done a great job porting my original BASIC COMPUTER ADVENTURES book to the latest version of Microsoft Small Basic. The Small Basic Computer Adventures play just like my original adventures. I highly recommend Philip Conrod’s new “Small Basic Computer Adventures” book to both kids and adults!“- David H. Ahl, Founder of Creative Computing

“Philip Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner programmers and he’s done an excellent job of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming. He has also published a faithful port of David Ahl’s Computer Adventures for Small Basic. Check it out for some cool game ideas!” - Vijaye Raji, Creator of Microsoft Small Basic

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