Beginning Unreal Game Engine 4 RPG Blueprint Game Design & Development ​Template For Technical Schools & Colleges - Annually Renewable Unlimited User Classroom License 

Beginning Unreal Engine 4 RPG Blueprint Game Design & Development Tutorial & ​Template

So you want to build your own RPG Game using the Unreal Game Engine 4? Our RPG Blueprints Template is a great way to learn how to build your own RPG Game. It comes with a pre-built stylistic dungeon (containing more than 35 individual assets). It uses highly modular assets which makes creating ​ your own RPG an easy task! It is completely done in Unreal Blueprints and it includes an introduction to some standard features you would expect from a beginning RPG Blueprint template. Click here to see a sample chapter from this tutorial textbook.

Beginning (RPG) Role Playing Game Features:

 – UI / HUD System: Completely done in UMG.

 – Inventory System: Including looting system & different types of items like weapons, armor and items.

 – Character Stats: Set up attributes like strength, agility etc. Includes a XP-system with level ups.

 – Class system: Including a Main Menu / Starting Screen where you can select different classes/characters.

 – Animations: The system comes with a set of medieval animations for sword/shield combat.

 ​​​​- Enemies: Two different enemies (melee & ranged caster). Driven by configurable behavior trees.

Hardware Requirements:

Unreal Engine 4 running on Microsoft Windows. You can build for any OS (Operating System) or platform that you want based on Unreal Engine 5 limitations. You will also need a Discreet GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with DX9 (DX is short for DirectX which is one way of displaying graphics) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities. We highly recommend a GeForce GTX 1050+ video card. You will also need 16GB of system memory and 50GB of free disk space. Most other requirements depend on the size and complexity of the game you want to make. Of course, the faster and bigger your development platform the better your development experience will be.  


This Unreal Engine Blueprints Template in an Annual Unlimited User Classroom License Teacher Edition. Our Teacher Edition allows you to distribute the Blueprints template and multimedia files to any of the students who attend your computer science class.  You can customize and personalize the template and the associated Blueprints to fit your unique teaching style whether the class is self study or instructor led. 

We also sell special large scale multi-teacher site license agreements for School Districts and Online Schools. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a large scale license agreement via the Contact Us tab above. These special large scale licenses are not sold via this web page.

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