New Textbook Registration

We only provide registration services and support for "NEW" Paperback Textbooks and Kindle E-Books.

Click on the "Get It Now" button to receive an email that you can reply to with screenshots and/or pictures of your "NEW" textbook purchase order or receipt. Please email us back with a screenshot or picture of your "NEW" textbook purchase order or receipt and we will register your "NEW" textbook purchase and send you the source code and multimedia files for your "NEW" textbook purchase.

WE DO NOT provide software or support for "PRE-OWNED textbooks that were purchased or rented from any other website. Pre-owned Paperback Textbooks purchased on any other website are actually "used" books or liquidated rental books. Only reputable bookstores like Amazon Prime, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and this Kidware Software e-junkie E-Commerce store, Philip Conrod's E-Bay Store, & our Kidware Software E-Bay Outlet Store are the ONLY Authorized resellers of our "NEW" Kidware Software licensed paperback textbooks! Please don't purchase used or pre-owned textbooks on E-Bay or any other website as "used" and "pre-owned" textbooks cannot be registered or supported.

As printed in all our textbooks on the Registration Page:

Warning: If you purchased this book “used” or “second hand” you are not licensed or entitled to download the Program Solution Files. 

SOME GOOD NEWS FOR SOMEONE WHO PURCHASED A USED OR PRE-OWNED BOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE: We sell Brand New Digital e-books, which are much less in cost compared to the retail Paperback Textbooks because we don't have to pay the inflated cost of printing them and shipping them to you. Because we sell our e-Books directly to you, they are less expensive than our printed paperback textbooks.

Our new paperback and digital e-Book single-user licensed downloads comes bundled with the digital PDF, ePub, & Mobi versions (if available) of the e-Book and all the licensed digital source code solutions files and multimedia files. If you purchase the Paperback Textbook Bundle directly from us, on this website, it will also come bundled with the digital E-Book edition included.

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